Klara loves animals and wants to know everything there is to know about them. In the future she wants to become a biologist or a vet, or a zoo technician, or a forester, or an animal psychologist, or a pet sitter… It’s so hard to make a decision!

For now, she spends every free moment she has finding out new things. Her grandad tirelessly helps Klara out and patiently answers any questions she has with the aid of his funny pictures.

Why do dogs leave wet paw prints? Why do pigs wallow in mud? Why can rats jump from a great height but no harm comes their way? Why do rabbits keep moving their noses? Why are parrots so noisy? Can frogs hear even though they have no ears? Why do horses sleep for such a short time? Why do bears stand on their hind legs? Why do ducks have such strange beaks? How come squirrels are so good at jumping? Why do roe deer move their ears about?
Foreign editions

Korea, 기발한 동물학개론,  라이카미(부즈펌), 2019
China藏在动物肚子里的秘密, 石油工业出版社, 2018
Estonia, MILLISED NEED LOOMAD ON?, Helios, 2020
Slovakia, AKO TO FUNGUJE? ZVIERATÁ, Stonožka (IKAR, a.s.), 2018
Ukraina, ТВАРИНИ. ЯК ЦЕ ПРАЦЮЄ?, Школа, 2017
Russia, КАК УСТРОЕНЫ ЖИВОТНЫЕ, Росмэн-Пресс, 2018
This book is part of a series called How It Works.

"How does it work" is a series of non-fiction books for children 6+, which I co-create with Katarzyna Piętka and Joanna Kończak (responsible for the texts). The books are about Clara, who begins to be interested in a different topic in each volume and has a different idea of who she would like to become when she grows up. Grandfather Ignacy, the second main character of the books, tells his granddaughter how everything works. He helps her understand complicated topics by simply explaining them and telling interesting facts. The series so far has five volumes: about animals, the human body, buildings, books and sports. Each volume has a hardcover, large format and 32 pages. The series is published by the Nasza Księgarnia Publishing House.
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